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Image by mandj98 This week’s roundup is a little late – much of my time has been taken up with last-minute Xmas shopping! There have been some amazing posts this week, so sit back with a cup of coffee (or a glass of mulled wine) and enjoy! * For those of you organising Christmas or […]

Image by Sunshinecity It is my great pleasure to announce that I have been asked to be part of a fabulous new blog: The Secret Society of List Addicts which has been launched today!  The brainchild of Bridey and also featuring the fabulous ladies Chrissy and Sarah, this blog promises to be a haven for anyone as […]

Ten Things


Image by cesarastudillo Various bloggers including the talented Nubby Twiglet (who I believe may have been the original poster) have already done this and once again I’m taking a flying leap onto the bandwagon! Here are ten random facts about me, hopefully without any repeats from previous memes, but if there are then I apologise. […]

I am so glad it’s Friday today! This has not been the best week in the world, but now that it’s almost over I can look forward to a delicious meal tonight and hopefully a relaxing weekend. I hope you’ve all had a better week than me and have great plans for tomorrow and Sunday! […]

Tagged Again!


I’ve been tagged by the fabulous Carmen to list six or seven random things about myself, linking back to the blog who tagged me and tagging six or seven more people, so I shall do my best! 1. Right now, I have a completely vile cold, cough, and general lurgy that is making me feel […]

Goals for 2009


Image by tanakawho Miss Corrine has posted today about what she intends to do in 2009 to make it the best year ever. Certainly my own goals for the year ahead have the same ultimate purpose – 2009 needs to be fabulous. Although I don’t necessarily believe in restricting resolutions to a new year – I […]

Apparently unemployment in the UK is at it’s highest level in 11 years, so many people are having to get by on a lot less money than they’re used to. It’s not all doom and gloom though – there seems to be a growing trend, fostered by necessity, for creative money-saving where staying in is […]