Introducing: The Secret Society of List Addicts!


Image by sunshinecity

Image by Sunshinecity

It is my great pleasure to announce that I have been asked to be part of a fabulous new blog: The Secret Society of List Addicts which has been launched today!  The brainchild of Bridey and also featuring the fabulous ladies Chrissy and Sarah, this blog promises to be a haven for anyone as addicted to list-writing as we are!

The first post is about secrets, so if you like finding out about other people you won’t be disappointed!


11 Responses to “Introducing: The Secret Society of List Addicts!”

  1. Reasons I am excited about this:
    1. I love the bloggers involved.
    2. Lists make me happy.
    3. I am also a big fan of secret societies. I have had a long time fascination with the masons,mormons and other super secret organizations that start with the letter “m”.
    4. I do like finding out about other people. I also like to find money in my pocket that I didn’t realize I had.

  2. 2 reederscorner

    What a great idea!!! Can’t wait to check it out 😉

  3. so far, so good! i just posted my secrets in the comments and have lots of ideas for future lists already. thanks so much for thinking this up and inviting me to join in the fun!

  4. oops, i thought i was commenting on bridey’s blog. too many windows open at once, and it’s too early in the morning! what i meant to say was, i loved your first comment/list and can’t wait to share more lists with you!

  5. Ooh, fun. 🙂

  6. Wow! That’s such a great idea!
    I love lists. I couldn’t get through a week without a list.
    I’ll definitely be checking on the SSoLA often =D

  7. LOL read Secret Society and got all excited… Currently reading the book Holy Book Holy Grail, full of secret societies, Freemasons and Templar Knights 🙂

  8. Oh so fun!

  9. Oh fun! Looking forward to it.

  10. I am obsessed with keeping lists!

  11. I love lists! That site made me verrrry excited. 🙂

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