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Launching Early


Image by david.nikonvscanon I could make some terrible pun such as “fly on over to” but the truth is I just liked the photo! This site is no more! Please update your bookmarks, feed-readers etc. to and welcome to the new site! has been great, but having my own hosting and domain […]

Happy Thursday! Next week is a two-day week for me and probably many others, and next Thursday I will undoubtedly be loving champagne, presents and bad TV but for now I’m still at work wishing it was Xmas already! This week I am particularly loving: * Planning the new version of Sparkle and Glitter! I’ve […]

Admin: Blogroll


Tonight I will commence building the new Sparkle and Glitter, and learning how to use WordPress on my own hosting. Part of this will of course involve putting together my links page properly, a task I’ve sadly neglected so far (sorry, my bad!) so if you’re a regular Sparkle reader, or you’ve linked to me, let […]



Image by brandi666 Who and where do you get your inspiration from? With all my recent talk of grand plans for the future of this blog, I thought I would share mine. It comes, deep down, from a desire to write that I have held since I was very young. I, and I’m sure many others who […]

Image by DeclanTM This is just a quick post with a few admin announcements! This evening, I have been domain-shopping and as of sometime in the next 24 hours, will point to this blog. It will exist in it’s current form for a few weeks whilst the new look is designed, then I will […]

Image by SuperFantastic Firstly a quick note to say thank you for all the feedback on the last post! I intend to use the Xmas break to do a lot of planning for this blog, and all your suggestions will go a long way to helping me plan regular posts, new content ideas, etc. Here’s […]

Image by Jsome1  This little blog is growing up, so it’s about time I asked everyone for a bit of feedback! I’ve been looking at the stats, comments, etc. analysing what articles have been most popular etc. in the hope of starting 2009 with a bang! So here’s where you come in! Please let me […]