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¬† I’m not talking about the size of my hips compared to my shoulders though they are the bane of my life as far as dress-buying is concerned. I’m talking (well, writing) about peoples’ perception of events and feelings in their lives. We all experience things differently. Every day I hear people criticising others for […]

Image by patpompak Throughout my many years studying, I have been consistent about one thing: I am a terrible procrastinator. If there’s one think I learned at university, it was how to pull an all-nighter and still hand in a reasonable essay in the morning. So, with the first few days of NaNoWriMo over, and […]

Critique Me!


This blog is an obvious¬†work-in-progress. As such, I would sincerely welcome any comments / criticism on any aspect of the blog. This post will be “stickied” until the design etc. is finalised. (Yes, I’m being cheeky and asking for the wisdom of more experienced bloggers!) Vixel xx