Things I Love Thursday!


Happy Thursday! Next week is a two-day week for me and probably many others, and next Thursday I will undoubtedly be loving champagne, presents and bad TV but for now I’m still at work wishing it was Xmas already!

This week I am particularly loving:

* Planning the new version of Sparkle and Glitter! I’ve already met with some teething problems (anyone who self-hosts a WordPress blog, who is your hosting provider?) but the ideas are all there and I’m sure I’ll get the technical side of things sorted soon.

* The relief of getting all my Xmas shopping done – it’s a big relief, and most of it has been delivered to my parents’ house, so I don’t even have to carry it!

* Sleeping –  I appear to be doing far more of it this week than I usually do, but it’s so good! It’s just a shame when I have to get up for work and I’m so warm and comfy I really don’t want to move!

* The end of year wind-down at work – everyone seems to be cheering up, working less and generally being in a much better mood as the end of the year approaches. Even the boss is joining in! It really is quite marvellous being offered tea every half hour or so!

* Simon’s Cat – Old news, but it still makes me laugh so much!  Just in case you haven’t seen it yet:

* Finding Time to Relax – It’s not something I do enough of, but I really gave myself the chance to recharge last weekend, and it was exactly what I needed.

* The Secret Society of List Addicts – Yep, that’s the third time I’ve mentioned them this week but really, I love this project! It’s so much fun, and now that I’ve worked out my differences with Blogger (having barely ever used it previously, it’s differences from WordPress were enough to momentarily confuse me completely!) I’m totally addicted to posting my lists there!

* Mulled Wine – it’s fabulous! Xmas in a glass (or mug!)

* Movies! –  Re-watching old favourites – Amelie, To Kill a Mockingbird, Breakfast at Tiffanys – to finally seeing films I should probably have watched ages ago – Stardust – I’ve been enjoying some quality time with a TV screen and a mug of hot chocolate this week!

I hope you’ve all had a great week and thank you for putting up with my multitude of admin and plan posts! How has your life sparkled this week?

11 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday!”

  1. Having a movie marathon with all of those films while drinking mulled wine sounds like my perfect night!
    I just checked out The Secret Society of List Lovers and I’m adding it to the list of things I love ;).

  2. I LOVE Simons cat. We imitate it all the time because we would love to have a cat so bad!

    I can’t really help you with a host, mine is done through my partners brother, he lets me use some of his space which is really handy. If you need help on any other self hosting issues though let me know through twitter or kim [at]

  3. I think there’s a list of one’s on’s website, and I’m pretty sure if I were to be hosted (and I want to be) I’d choose LaughingSquid (or whatever it is) It looks good.

  4. Awww movies and sleepand time to relax!! Best week ever 🙂

  5. I love Simon’s Cat! Merry Christmas 🙂

  6. I’ve never seen that Simon’s Cat video; it’s brilliant!
    I had a similar experience this morning, minus the baseball bat, and instead about 10 minutes of pawing and meowing at my bedroom door before I let my kitty in to crawl all over me.

  7. Ooh ooh, mega excitement! Love your list! 😀

  8. Simon’s cat never gets old. And I’ve never had mulled wine, but I might have to suss it out now!

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