Goals for 2009

Image by tanakawho
Image by tanakawho

Miss Corrine has posted today about what she intends to do in 2009 to make it the best year ever. Certainly my own goals for the year ahead have the same ultimate purpose – 2009 needs to be fabulous. Although I don’t necessarily believe in restricting resolutions to a new year – I believe every day is a chance to turn things around if you want to – many of my main aspirations for the coming year are interlinked, and the new year really is the best time to start working towards achieving them.

* Get a new job – I need to be doing something that challenges me a bit more than my current role does, and I think January may be the time to look for it. Most positions around at the moment are temporary ones for Xmas so although I’ll probably be competing with millions of other job-hunters in January, there are also likely to be longer-term jobs on offer.

* Sort out my finances – I’m not exactly in a financial mess, but I do struggle to break even each month at the moment which means that very little can go towards paying off debts or into savings, which I need in order to feel a bit more secure.

* Work like crazy – I am determined to excel at my course!

* Get published – I’m not talking about writing novels here, I don’t have time for that, but I’d love to see my name in print so I intend to try writing short stories and articles to submit to magazines and other publications. Or perhaps I’ll get inspired and write a Mills & Boon, who knows!

* Make this blog amazing! – I plan to include more of my own photos, interesting articles and interactive features. A series of interviews is also in the planning stages. I also intend to come up with a proper image for it and most likely export it to a domain sometime soon (though the latter is directly related to getting a new job and therefore having more money!)

* Work harder at my personal relationships – see friends more often, go out more, invite people over, write, generally stop losing touch with people for weeks or months on end like I unfortunately find myself doing.

* Declutter my life! – Sometime in early 2009 there will be a Great Sparkle Freecycle-fest! I just hope I don’t find myself tempted by things on offer at the same time!

* Finally, as Miss Corrine also said, I would love to travel and visit the Blog World Expo. I doubt this will happen in 2009 since finances and other commitments will prevent me, but saving up for 2010 may well be on the cards!

How about you? How are you going to make 2009 amazing?


5 Responses to “Goals for 2009”

  1. Sounds like you have some amazing plans honey – I’m so impressed! I think what you are doing is wonderful so just keep getting bigger and better! Also – let me know if you would be keen to do a link exchange 😀 Network network baby!

  2. Now that you’re ‘brave’ enough to actually list them, you do realise that we’re all going to be nudging you along towards those goals 🙂

  3. Good for you. I agree we don’t have to wait until New Year’s to set goals and move forward. You can achieve abundance any time throughout the year.

  4. That’s an awesome list… I wish you well on your path to fulfilling those goals next year! 🙂

    ~ Kristi

  5. I hope you can achieve all these goals. I also read Miss Corrine’s post and this is what I posted on her blog.

    For me, I had a couple things that I wanted to accomplish in 2008 and I have.

    I have a new job in a fabulous city (San Francisco).

    My last day at my current job is December 2 and I need to pack up my stuff before going on vacation.

    So for 2009, my goals are to do as well as I can in my new job, find a fabulous apartment, meet fabulous people and have a phenomenal time!

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