Image by brandi666

Image by brandi666

Who and where do you get your inspiration from?

With all my recent talk of grand plans for the future of this blog, I thought I would share mine. It comes, deep down, from a desire to write that I have held since I was very young. I, and I’m sure many others who read this, have always wanted to be a published author (it seems many hold this desire, if the responses to the last couple of posts on The Secret Society of List Addicts are anything to go by!). I have been reading various blogs for years, but it was only really when I started reading iCiNGby the amazing Gala Darling that I really started to see blogs as a platform for my own writing. Gala was my first blogging inspiration.

That was all this blog was originally intended to be – a place where I can publish my writing and if a few people see it and comment with some encouraging words, all the better. I became a little addicted however, when I saw the traffic numbers creeping up slowly, and every kindly comment made me smile a little more. A blogging addict was most definitely born!

My inspiration to carry on and really “make a go of it” came from the amazing community of bloggers I “met” when exchanging comments. Seriously, you are all fabulous! As a blog-reader although I saw all the lovely comments left, I really didn’t appreciate the level of interaction and support amongst the blogging community, but I’m loving every moment I’m a part of it!


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Huge love to you all!

The inspiration to write on particular topics comes from all over the place! Sometimes from posts other bloggers have made, where I feel I can expand upon a topic or take it in another direction (you’ll most likely have noticed these as I always credit the original poster when I take inspiration from their writing), but more often simply from my own life. I don’t think I could call myself an expert in anything, but I’ve had enough life experience that I feel I can advise on some topics and empathise on others. Sharing my opinions has never been something I’ve found difficult (just ask my mother – apparently as soon as I could string a sentence together I was rather an opinionated child) so really, I’m amazed the notion to blog didn’t come to me sooner!

Inspiration can come from anywhere and I’m forever reading, watching TV or just having an ordinary conversation and something I read or hear will capture my attention and an idea will start to form. My notebooks fill up rapidly with scribbles and snippets of information many of which remain scribbles forever, but some of which become posts and articles I’m proud of.

You are all my inspiration, your comments inspire me to continue writing even when a flicker of self-doubt enters my mind. Where do you find yours?

8 Responses to “Blogspiration!”

  1. You’re so lovely, thank you! I’m delighted to have provided you with inspiration 😀


  2. Aww bless!! I love getting comments, it’s like vindication for what I write. That said, I don’t get that many (although it has increased recently). Gala does provide inspiration for me too!! As well as so many other lifestyle blogs. Sadly, I don’t think I could write a lifestyle blog in quite the same way, so I haven’t. I write what I want to write, mostly about fashion, what I’ve been looking at and what I’ve been wearing. It feels a little self-centred a lot of the time, but I don’t really know what else I could write about.

  3. I’ve just started reading more lifestyle blogs (Gala’s was the first in this field I read, as well!) but my blog remains more of a personal thing. I don’t get a ton of comments, but the ones I do receive are usually thoughtful and intimate, from close friends and long time readers who I know consider close friends! I am excited about the recent influx of new readers I’ve had over the last few weeks, and I can trace it directly to commenting more on the blogs that I read (like yours!) Anyway, I’m excited to see what you do with S&G and how you’ll pass on your inspirations!

  4. In the above comment, I wrote “know” instead of “now.” Argh. I hate typos!

  5. I also am inspired by Gala Darling. Mostly because she took what she is obviously passionate about and made it her job!

    I am also inspired by all the positivity/self-improvement/ect. blogs out there. Oh and weather blogs (I’m a weather geek lol).

  6. I am inspired by all the women out there making their voices heard on such a wide variety of subject matters and from such diverse worlds and backgrounds. And the women that I found to read and relate to in this little blog-o-sphere are so supportive, no back biting bull.
    I tell my friends that I started bloging again becasue I wanted to get back to the basics; thoughts, ideas, inspirations and creations. I started with a comment wall a million years ago, then a blog, then LJ, then Friendster, then Myspace and then Facebook. With that I had had it with all the fighting and stupid games and virtual gifts, I had brain Jello. I went looking for an LJ I used to read one day, it was called Limecrime, and down this rabbit hole I went. And I find I am taking the road less traveled by and it is making all the difference.

  7. Aw, I’m so glad to have made your blogging acquaintance, Vixel. 🙂

  8. Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so, Excellent post!

    I’m Out! 🙂

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