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Happy Thursday! Next week is a two-day week for me and probably many others, and next Thursday I will undoubtedly be loving champagne, presents and bad TV but for now I’m still at work wishing it was Xmas already! This week I am particularly loving: * Planning the new version of Sparkle and Glitter! I’ve […]



Image by brandi666 Who and where do you get your inspiration from? With all my recent┬átalk of grand plans for the future of this blog, I thought I would share mine. It┬ácomes, deep down, from a desire to write that I have held since I was very young. I, and I’m sure many others who […]

Image by SuperFantastic Firstly a quick note to say thank you for all the feedback on the last post! I intend to use the Xmas break to do a lot of planning for this blog, and all your suggestions will go a long way to helping me plan regular posts, new content ideas, etc. Here’s […]

Christmas Songs


Image by ninahale Between calls and comments about customers, the sound of hummed Christmas music is currently drifting through the office as people are getting into the seasonal spirit. Most of the larger shops have had the same five or six songs on a loop since the 1st and the lights make the town sparkle […]

Ten Things


Image by cesarastudillo Various bloggers including the talented Nubby Twiglet (who I believe may have been the original poster) have already done this and once again I’m taking a flying leap onto the bandwagon! Here are ten random facts about me, hopefully without any repeats from previous memes, but if there are then I apologise. […]

Yet another from Mr Stephen Fry today, as there is a new post coming this evening but I don’t have time to write it at work today! Everything we know may be wrong, but art helps us believe that everything we feel is right. His blog has been updated today and as always, is inspiring […]

Image by audi_insperation Do you ever find yourself constantly on the go, whether that’s physically or mentally, when your work life spills into your personal life, or you have so many extra things to do that it feels like you never get to switch off and relax? This is happening to me at the moment. […]