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My name is Vicki and like many people, I have gone through stages of my life where I have felt dissilusioned and downright bored at the direction my life is going. Something I have always prided myself on, however, is my desire to change things I am not satisfied with. Many people thought I was insane for changing uniersity course with only one year to go, but I realised I was unhappy, and I was never going to fulfil my academic potential on a course I wasn’t enjoying. After changing, I graduated last year with a 2-1 in a discipline which held my interest until the end, and have now embarked upon further study to become a lawyer, as well as holding down a full-time job.


This project is my way of making sure that no matter how much pressure I’m under I leave a little time to sparkle!


You may notice from any photos I post that I’m a bit lop-sided. I was born with severe scoliosis and for much of my life I tried to hide under baggy clothes and crippling shyness. A few years ago I discovered a website where I met many amazing people and now help moderate a support forum, Scoliosis Support, which I would recommend to any scoliosis patient of any age looking for a supportive community full of fabulous people. My confidence has soared since, and I now realise that being a bit wonky is not the end of the world, and I have a heck of a lot to be grateful for.


I am a firm believer that our experiences make us who we are, so although spending long periods of one’s childhood in hospital would not be everyones’ cup of tea (although I am always grateful to the amazing staff who made those stays as enjoyable as possible, and about whom there may be a future post in the making), I wouldn’t swap any of my experiences for anything, as they made me the person I am today.

2 Responses to “The Blogger”

  1. Wow, I was wondering who’d used those particular search terms! I shall send you an email when I get to work! x

  2. Hi!

    I’m an American woman with: scoliosis, tethered spinal cord, spina bifida (mild form), syringomyelia, and kyphosis. I just wanted to say “hi!” and thank you for letting yourself and your condition be known on the internet–you give hope to people like me. I love the idea of talking about fashion for disabled people, and I was thinking along the same lines–glad you are doing it! Hope to keep up with you on your blog in the future–looking forward to it!

    –Barb from New Hampshire–

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