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I think you can guess where I’m going with this one, but just in case, yes, my Halloween costume for 2008 is Amy Winehouse! Since I still can’t find the battery charger for my camera, here are a few washed-out phone photos that really don’t show the extent to which I painstakingly coloured-in my eyelids […]

Sparkle Roundup


Photo by Austinevan It’s Friday again! Here’s my pick of the posts to give you something to read during the longest afternoon of the week! Home Sparkle Agent Lover makes a post on horror film Suspiria entitled “Mother Of Sighs” with screncaps from the movie detailing the beautiful interiors. Style Sparkle The Glamorous Grad Student […]

My fourth TiLT, my baby blog is growing up! What started off as a small distraction from my work has definitely become a labour of love! Stay tuned for longer, better articles, and new regularĀ features soon! The delights of this week are as follows: * Your wonderful comments! To everyone who has commented and added […]

My first Tagging! I’m so excited! I’ve been tagged by the fabulous Bridey for this random facts meme šŸ™‚ Rules Link to the person who tagged you Post the rules on your blog Write six random things about yourself Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them Let each person […]

Everyone, at some point in their lives, feels inadequete. We’ve all been at the bottom of the work “food chain”, or felt like the ugly duckling in a room full of stunners, but I can say with certainty that I have never met anyone who doesn’t have something amazing toĀ contribute to the world. So, as […]

Pure Positivity


Gem, from Half Accidental, who I’m sure it wasn’t hard to guess is becoming one of my favourite bloggers, today posted a really inspiring piece asking her readers to Focus on the Positives. I would encourage everyone to read this post, particularly if you need reminding from time to time just how brilliant and talented […]

I hadn’t planned to feature recipes on here, but this was far too good not to share! I wish I’d taken a photo of this, but it was so good I couldn’t resist posting about it anyway! This is my recipe, completely improvised on the spot last night, for a cheap, filling and utterly delicious […]