Sparkle Roundup!


Image by mandj98

Image by mandj98

This week’s roundup is a little late – much of my time has been taken up with last-minute Xmas shopping! There have been some amazing posts this week, so sit back with a cup of coffee (or a glass of mulled wine) and enjoy!

* For those of you organising Christmas or New Years parties, Angela has a guide on “How to plan a successful event” so you can ensure you have everything under control.

* Starting your New Years fitness regime early? Erin‘s “Fun ways to get fabulously fit” is what you need! Find an enjoyable way to exercise and it’s not a chore!

* Feeling a little poor after this year’s Christmas shopping? Doe Deere has a brilliant article on “Keeping positive during the recession” a must-read for anyone right now!

* Follow that article up with Pony‘s “Things to do that don’t cost much” and you’re all set to have a great time no matter what the financial system’s doing!

* Coop‘s “Secrets of a Morning Person” has been a bit of a revelation to me! Following the advice has certainly helped me get up and go on workdays, so I’m sure it’ll be useful to others too!

* If you’ve had a long trip abroad or a gap year and now you’re stuck in the real world again, you need to read Sarah‘s brilliant article on “dealing with the “real world” after a vacation“.

* Sadly, Gem has stopped posting her novel online now, (though not sadly for her, as she’s trying to get it published and from what I’ve read so far, I really think she’s in with a great chance!) so instead she’s posted a beautiful short story which I really enjoyed!

* Smaggle‘s “When you were 14 years old…” fashion article made me giggle and reminisce about the sartorial disasters of my youth!

Have a lovely Friday and a brilliant weekend! If you’re getting your last-minute shopping done, good luck! If you’ve already done it all, congratulations, now it’s time to relax!


7 Responses to “Sparkle Roundup!”

  1. Last minute christmas shopping?! There’s 2 weeks to go, christmas eve shopping is last minute :p I finished mine today and now I’m going to relax and go to visit Bath for the weekend! I need to be a better morning person – a good breakfast always helps me and cheers me up.

  2. A lovely list of posting. And, I have not bought a single present. So, as there are two weeks left I am going to keep breathing and pretending that I have a lot of time until Christmas and that way I can follow your links instead of shopping. Thanks! Hope you have a lovely and sparkley weekend.

  3. These were so good! Much new goodness to read!

  4. Great links Vicki. I am definitely checking some of them out,

  5. lots of things to check out! : ) thanks!

  6. Wonderful! I love the one about returning to real life and the “when you were fourteen…” articles. Thank you!

  7. Love the images you post with your blogs.

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