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Image by SuperFantastic Firstly a quick note to say thank you for all the feedback on the last post! I intend to use the Xmas break to do a lot of planning for this blog, and all your suggestions will go a long way to helping me plan regular posts, new content ideas, etc. Here’s […]

Ten Things


Image by cesarastudillo Various bloggers including the talented Nubby Twiglet (who I believe may have been the original poster) have already done this and once again I’m taking a flying leap onto the bandwagon! Here are ten random facts about me, hopefully without any repeats from previous memes, but if there are then I apologise. […]

Tagged Again!


I’ve been tagged by the fabulous Carmen to list six or seven random things about myself, linking back to the blog who tagged me and tagging six or seven more people, so I shall do my best! 1. Right now, I have a completely vile cold, cough, and general lurgy that is making me feel […]

Be Nosy!


Another meme, taken from Girl With the Big Brown Eyes. I wasn’t tagged this time, but I thought I’d give people the opportunity to ask me questions, if they want to! I like finding things out about the bloggers I read. 1. Were you named after anyone? Nope, I did get all the female names […]

My first Tagging! I’m so excited! I’ve been tagged by the fabulous Bridey for this random facts meme 🙂 Rules Link to the person who tagged you Post the rules on your blog Write six random things about yourself Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them Let each person […]