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I am so glad it’s Friday today! This has not been the best week in the world, but now that it’s almost over I can look forward to a delicious meal tonight and hopefully a relaxing weekend. I hope you’ve all had a better week than me and have great plans for tomorrow and Sunday! […]

Image by kaibara87 Hooray for Friday! I hope you’re all managing to get away with doing as little as possible at work today! I’ve decided to abandon the five distinct categories, as although I first used them to force myself to show some variety in the links I feature, I actually found them quite limiting, […]

Sparkle Roundup


Photo by Austinevan It’s Friday again! Here’s my pick of the posts to give you something to read during the longest afternoon of the week! Home Sparkle Agent Lover makes a post on horror film Suspiria entitled “Mother Of Sighs” with screncaps from the movie detailing the beautiful interiors. Style Sparkle The Glamorous Grad Student […]

Sparkle Roundup


Home Sparkle * Rockett St George is a UK website specialising in beautiful and unusual homewares, and I’m completely in love with everything on it, particularly the Clear Illusion Table, and the amazing but expensive hand-printed wallpapers! Work Sparkle * Neon Sugar‘s post on Freelance Writing and Republishing Your Blog Articles is useful to those […]

Sparkle Roundup


Source: (2008)     Home Sparkle This New York Times article showcases some utterly fabulous ways in which students have decorated their living spaces on the cheap. I particularly like the diagonal bookshelves and the amazing loft bed. Work Sparkle This would fit into the Life Sparkle category too, but Queen Gilda‘s post on […]