Sparkle Roundup

Photo by Ian Alexander (2005)*

Photo by Ian Alexander (2005)*

Home Sparkle

* Rockett St George is a UK website specialising in beautiful and unusual homewares, and I’m completely in love with everything on it, particularly the Clear Illusion Table, and the amazing but expensive hand-printed wallpapers!

Work Sparkle

* Neon Sugar‘s post on Freelance Writing and Republishing Your Blog Articles is useful to those who, like me, would love to try their hand at some professional writing but really don’t know where to start!

Style Sparkle

* I think Carmen of The Pomegranate Blog sums up her own post entitled Be French: Be You perfectly:

Être bien dans sa peau (to be comfortable in one’s skin) was the utmost important lesson pertaining to attractiveness.

This post really is a must-read, as I think we’re all guilty of attaching too much importance to pure physical aesthetics sometimes.

Life Sparkle

* Mademoiselle Robot has written a brilliant post entitled How to Live Your Life, Rory Gilmore Style,  and as someone who only recently discovered Gilmore Girls (it never really got big over here) and then proceeded to watch it all in one go over a couple of weeks, a very large part of me really admired Rory’s character and determination. This post gives a concise list of how to achieve Rory’s desirable traits (and which ones to avoid)!

Fun Sparkle

* Half Accidental‘s Gem has written a novel entitled Suicide Butterflies, and I think you should all read it! There’s a new chapter every Monday and I’m hooked after the first one!

What have you read this week that’s made you smile?

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2 Responses to “Sparkle Roundup”

  1. Thanks for the ping back ur very sweet 😉 cheers

  2. Love the Rory Gilmore link! I used to love that show. 🙂

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