Sparkle Roundup




Home Sparkle

  • This New York Times article showcases some utterly fabulous ways in which students have decorated their living spaces on the cheap. I particularly like the diagonal bookshelves and the amazing loft bed.

Work Sparkle

  • This would fit into the Life Sparkle category too, but Queen Gilda‘s post on how to Discover Your Passion and Find a Purpose made me think very clearly first and foremost about my career aspirations. It has helped to cement my belief that I am finally on the right path, and is a truly inspirational post. Look out for the follow-up she plans on posting at the weekend!

Style Sparkle

  • Bridey has compiled a list of Corporate Wardrobe Essentials – i.e. the minimum amount of clothing items (excluding underwear) that will take the average woman through a week working in an office. I always pack too much, doubly so if I’m away for any kind of formal purpose (e.g. the work experience I hope to get next year) so I have bookmarked this post as a reminder that I really don’t need that 8th spare top, or three pairs of almost indistinguishable black trousers! 

Life Sparkle

Fun Sparkle

What sparkling gems have you found on the Internet this week?

2 Responses to “Sparkle Roundup”

  1. Hey there! Thanks so much for the link! I really enjoy your blog and I’ve added it to my RSS feed. It’s really nice to meet you 😀

  2. I am going to check out the article in the NYT. Thanks for posting the link.

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