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Launching Early


Image by david.nikonvscanon I could make some terrible pun such as “fly on over to” but the truth is I just liked the photo! This site is no more! Please update your bookmarks, feed-readers etc. to and welcome to the new site! has been great, but having my own hosting and domain […]



This week I will put one together, I promise! It’s the one blog “housekeeping” task I keep putting off and forgetting to do, but I owe several people links back, and there are so many great blogs I want to link to. With that in mind, what are your three (or more!) favourite blogs or […]

Those of us in other countries unable to vote are truly grateful 🙂

I think you can guess where I’m going with this one, but just in case, yes, my Halloween costume for 2008 is Amy Winehouse! Since I still can’t find the battery charger for my camera, here are a few washed-out phone photos that really don’t show the extent to which I painstakingly coloured-in my eyelids […]

I find few things more satisfying than learning. I think that’s part of the reason I enjoy writing and reading blogs, there’s always something new to read and / or research. After changing university course however, further full-time study wasn’t really an option, so for the sake of my finances I am enrolled on the […]

Critique Me!


This blog is an obvious work-in-progress. As such, I would sincerely welcome any comments / criticism on any aspect of the blog. This post will be “stickied” until the design etc. is finalised. (Yes, I’m being cheeky and asking for the wisdom of more experienced bloggers!) Vixel xx