Sparkle Roundup!


Image by jayniebell

Image by jayniebell


This has been yet another not so good week as far as “real life” goes, so a lot of the posts that have caught my eye have been very much geared towards change and possitivity, and have really been the one thing getting me through the harder ups and downs of the week.

* Sarah Von’s post, “The Art of Doing” is all about getting on with those ambitions and tasks you’ve been telling yourself you will do for ages, but never quite get around to starting or completing. Read it if you need to stop procrastinating and get moving, like I do with finding a new job!

* If you need to find the energy to follow Sarah’s advice, then Miss Corrine can help! Her post with “15 Simple and Effective Ways To Get More Energy” is a great source, and will have an energising tip suitable for every occasion.

* The Glamourous Grad Student has posted some “Organisational Tips For the Fast-Paced, High-Tech World we Live In” to keep you organised and in control whilst you’re achieving your dreams!

* If one of your ambitions is to travel more, then Viola Megan’s post entitled “Ultimate Paris on a Budget” is a must-read. When you’ve finished reading Part One, Part Two is here!

* Tres Lola has an article about one of my favourite convenient snacks, the delicious Miso Soup. “So… What’s the Fuss About Miso Soup” tells us all about this fabulous and easy-to-prepare food, and how it can benefit our health!

A short roundup this week, since quite a few of the bookmarks I had ready to feature were on my PC, which gave up the ghost a couple of days ago. It’s in the process of a re-build though, so expect a huge Sparke Roundup next week when I have access to those bookmarks again!

Have a great Friday and an even better weekend! xx

8 Responses to “Sparkle Roundup!”

  1. Great Roundup Vixel! U always post such great links… Have a good weekend! Oh I really am so enthralled by the snow… it’s amazing!

  2. Thank-you so much for the link, Vixel! 🙂 But either I am one crazy fool (huge possibility!), or the link doesn’t seem to be working..

  3. Eek, you’re right, sorry! I have edited it now, can’t wait to have my PC back up and running, I miss mistakes like this on my laptop because the screen’s so tiny! (It’s an ultra-compact netbook)

  4. Oooh I struggle without my PC although my boyf I think secretly loves it when it is broken…think he feels he competes with it a little…noooooooooooo 😀

    Liking the links! Thanks!

  5. Best wishes for you!

  6. hang in there! Great post

  7. Thanks for the nod, lovey! I’m flattered to be in such good company!

  8. Great links. I love me some miso soup.

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