Things I Love Thursday!


Despite still recovering from the cold of doom, there have been many things this week that have made me smile!

* Comedy – watching old episodes of Live at the Apollo and random YouTube clips to unwind and have a laugh at the end of the day is a really great way to pass some time.

* Chocolates– I received a fabulous box of Thorntons chocolates for my birthday last week and just finished them today. It’s lovely to come home to delicious gourmet chocolatey goodness!

* Budgeting – Believe it or not I find the process of budgeting quite satisfying, particularly if I find I have more spare funds than I initially thought. There’s just something about seeing all the numbers adding up properly and balancing out that gives me an immense sense of calm.

* Reading– I’m finally getting back into it again! I used to be a real bookworm but in recent years I seem to be buying far more books than I actually get around to reading and thus, my bookshelf has a “to-read” section a mile long! I’m trying therefore, to set aside some time to read each day, and I’m really enjoying it! Current book: “Open Secret” by Stella Rimmington – the autobiography of the former director-general of MI5, she’s led a really fascinating life!

* Post-it Notes – I seriously don’t know how I would have got through this week without them! I become terribly forgetful when I’m recovering from an illness, and forget even to check my to-do lists etc. Well-placed post-its have been my lifeline!

How has your week been and what has made it sparkle a little more?

8 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday!”

  1. ooo…oooo, if you’re getting back into reading, check out ‘the count of monte cristo’. ok, it’s a total brick of a book, but it’s worth the read 🙂

  2. OMG… Is it Thursday already? lol Ahhh your mile long “to read” section of your bookshelf sounds so inviting…

  3. I love budgeting too. It feels soooo good to get things under control! 🙂

  4. oooh – i haven’t had Thorntons chocolates in years!! When I lived in the UK I worked round the corner from one….so bad but soooo good!

  5. Heh, I know the feeling of the bookworm thing! I haven’t read properly since before my degree and I’m just getting back into it. It’s marvellous!
    My list is going up v shortly, I’ve been in London on exciting business!

  6. 6 reederscorner

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better! I love your blog and I read it often… and your things you love are great! REading and post-it notes are two wonderful things 🙂

  7. Mmm, chocolate and books 🙂

  8. What do you use for budgeting? I need to start a budget. Heck, I work in the financial industry and don’t even balance a check book.

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