Discoveries This Weekend


Image by Gaetan Lee

Image by Gaetan Lee

Having spent much of the weekend on trains to and from London to watch my brother in a composition competition for music students and catch up with family. Today I will be catching up on all the posts I missed, but for now, here’s a few interesting things I learned this weekend!

* Relatively prestigious composers, such as those judging the competition, seem to be surrounded by young blonde women who hang on their every word, even if these women are about a third of their age and as far as I am aware, are not gold-digging, since I don’t think any of them were prolific enough to be earning the kind of salary that attracts gold-diggers.

* Whilst shopping for coats yesterday I discovered that at 5’1, long coats made for much taller women make me look like a Russian submarine captain and I really shouldn’t wear them.

* My own mother thinks I’m old-fashioned for liking my handbag and shoes to match.

* A Starbucks gingerbread latte can make it feel like Christmas even if I haven’t even started my shopping yet!

* It’s really easy to sleep when the streetlights stopped working several weeks ago and although the entire street has complained, they haven’t bothered repairing them.

* Walking around St. Pancras International in a beret really does make people assume you must have come in on the Eurostar and proceed to address you in French!

* I can live away from my parents for years, and not visit them (they’ve come to see me in that time, I haven’t been totally estranged from the family) for months on end, yet the house I grew up in will always feel familiar and home-like to me.

* My mother cooks the best breakfast in the world!

I hope everyone had a great weekend and this week shapes up to be a good one!

11 Responses to “Discoveries This Weekend”

  1. Almost a lovely set of discoveries there (although they don’t have to, it’s ok for shoes and bag to match!).

    I don’t think Russian Submarine Captain would be an altogether bad look!

    And the blondes around composers is possibly a power thing. That, and the fact that if they get lucky, they may compose something about them. It’s not inherrently bad, just typical. You get it in all walks of life, except possibly science.

  2. A gingerbread latte sounds delish! 😀 Will have to put that on my list of things to try!
    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend!
    Family time (with home cooking involved! hehe) is always great!

  3. Ooh I hadn’t thought of the idea of hanging around composers in the hope that they’ll be a muse!

  4. I have often heard the expression “you learn something new everyday.” Well, you learned a whole lot for a two day weekend. Impressive.:-)

    I have yet to have my first egg nog latte, I have been holding out until I want to get in the Christmas spirit–for as you say—this is a beverage that gets me in the Christmas spirit even if I haven’t even stepped in a store.

    Thanks so much for coming by my blog and leaving the lovely comment you did. Delighted to discover your blog and I will be back again. Hope you come back and visit my blog again soon.:-)

  5. Nice blog! Thanks for visiting mine! I might take a peep around, looks like fun here


  6. Submarine captain = awesome. Love the comparison, Vixel! : D

  7. How funny they had a blonde entourage! LOL @ ur mum thinks ur old fashioned hehehe

  8. I miss the bacon, eggs, tomato, mushroom, baked beans, fried toast, sausage kinda breakfast!

  9. Gingerbread lattes are manna from heaven 🙂

  10. Breakfasts cooked by mothers are the best. Actually, breakfasts cooked by anyone other than yourself are pretty lovely. 🙂

  11. LOL, that’s hilarious about the beret!

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