Things I Love Thursday!


I’m a little later than I usually am with this!

This week has been deceidedly mixed. I’ve been ill for most of it, as have most of the people I’ve come into contact with (so really, I had no chance of avoiding it) but it’s given me time to get on with some work and general organising since I really haven’t wanted to go out in the cold!

This week I have loved:

* Beechams All-In-One liquid – Tastes foul, but it’s been the only thing that’s shifted my sickness enough that I can get to sleep at night.

* Retro Video Games –  Flash versions of Sonic The Hedgehog and a working installation of realMyst finally (I couldn’t get it to run on XP but new graphics drivers finally solved the problem) have kept me amused whilst off ill.

* Cosy Nights In – Comfort food and movies that turn out to be surprisingly good (I wasn’t expecting much from Iron Man but I enjoyed it). Definitely one of the best ways to spend a winter evening.

* Birthday Dinner Plans –  Tomorrow I’m having dinner at a Japanese place in town that’s built under the ugliest set of student halls I’ve ever seen, and thus, I didn’t even know it did Japanese food until my boss came back raving about it last week. The menu looks delicious, Loughborough actually has a lot of good places to eat for a small town!

* Concerts and Family – My brother is having one of his university compositions played in London on Saturday night (he’s studying music at University), so I’m heading down in the afternoon to listen.

I hope you’re all having a lovely week, what’s making it fabulous for you?

5 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday!”

  1. urgh I can’t stand that beechams stuff! my boyfriend makes me have it sometimes 😦 i prefer blackcurrant flavoured lemsips!

    I love cosy nights in too 🙂

  2. Cosy nights in! yeah!! Especially when it’s cold… brrrrr

  3. Hope you get better soon love!

  4. Love japanese food! I use to love playing Sonic and also Super Mario Bros. I miss those games.

  5. YESYESYES similar re: lemsip and Beechams!! Also, I too love retro video games, have to keep away from them to stop spending all my time on them. Brightly coloured video games are much more fun than real life, my favourite is Legend of Zelda though!

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