Christmas Markets!

Image by recursion_see_recursion

Image by recursion_see_recursion

November for me, is a time when Christmas still feels a long way off. There’s still lots of work to be done, birthdays to buy for and my own birthday coming up on the 21st before which I find it very difficult to become excited about the upcoming holiday. A November Christmas tradition I look forward to every year however is the German Christmas Markets.

I usually attend the Nottingham event which is a small but fabulous selection of stalls filled with delicious German delights, and usually some English craft stalls too for a spot of unique Christmas shopping. This year however I’m planning a trip to the Birmingham market, which I’ve heard is spectacular, huge, and completely fabulous! In the past I have bought an amazing rock salt tea light holder from a stall that’s there every year, and I intend to buy another this year to make up a pair.

The food however, is the real reason to go. It’s not exactly low calorie or at all healthy, but for pure winter comfort food it can’t be beaten! Spicy gingerbread, giant pretzels, delicious breads and cakes, glazed doughuts, the baked goods are amazing. Likewise the “meal” food – fried mushrooms and potatoes amazingly seasoned, giant bratwurst and burgers for the non-veggies, all washed down with beer or Glühwein – fabulous German mulled wine that comes in loads of different flavours.

Most of the larger markets have bands or other entertainment laid on too, so it’s a great way to start an evening out, or end a shopping trip. To find out where your nearest one is, go to christmasmarkets.comwhich has listings for all over the world. Wrap up warm, take public transport because the Glühwein’s more potent than it seems, and I guarantee you a fabulous evening out!


14 Responses to “Christmas Markets!”

  1. Your birthday is on the 21st? This is November, yes?
    If so, squee! Birthday buddies! Mine’s on the 22nd!

  2. Spicy gingerbread! Yummmm your so lucky to be in England at Christmas 🙂 Real traditional food… In Italy there are markets too especially more so around this time of year..

  3. Ooh christmas markets! I love the one in Manchester, the food, the smells, the music, the cold, the dark, oooh it’s so lovely! I’m planning my trip into Manchester already. I never really buy anything much from there except the food but the atmosphere is so nice.

  4. Happy early birthday darlin! 🙂

  5. I know how you feel about christmas being a long way off – i swear we only just had christmas any way!!

  6. Oh, that looks and sounds so wonderful, in the best, coziest, tastiest, Christmas-iest way. There’s one in the city we’re outside of, I believe…perhaps I’ll make the trip this year!

  7. Wow.. Octoberfest in November 🙂

  8. christmas is always lovely. with such markets, EVEN LOVELIER!

  9. i’ve been to Germany twice, and the christmas markets there are the BEST. You’re making me miss drinking Gluhwein…

  10. Oh wow, how lovely! They look like so much fun 😀

  11. oh how beautiful!
    I’ve always wanted to go to the christmas markets!

  12. I love the Christmas market here in Chicago, and I used to love going when I was in New York. They make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

  13. Thank you, all! They are indeed great for that warm fuzzy feeling! You get an even warmer, fuzzier feeling after five or six gups of apple Gluhwein with Calvados in it! x

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