Zine Review: List #12

List #12

List #12

I love zines. I discovered them a few years ago, when I was bored and using the random option on Livejournal. I was already dimly aware of their existence, but until that point I had no idea the scene was so large and varied. That it extended beyond fans of a particular band putting together a pamphlet of gig reviews, or writings on a particular music scene, and that it encompassed young and old alike, on just as huge a spectrum of subjects as the traditional press if not more so was news to me.

Zines are still one of my favourite sources of reading material, their small size and shorter articles makes them ideal for carrying around in a handbag and reading on journeys plus for someone as voyeuristic as me, they lend a great view into other peoples’ lives as they’re so honestly written.

When I started this blog, it seemed a good opportunity to showcase some of the great zines I’ve read recently, so I’ve decided to feature a semi-regular zine review post, where I write about a zine that’s inspired me or made me laugh. If you write one you think I’ll like, or know someone who does, please let me know – I’m always looking to expand my collection and I’ll buy most zines that strike me as interesting though obviously I can’t guarantee every one a review.

So, on to List # 12, a zine I saw advertised on the zine_scene Livejournal community, available at Everyday Pants Illustration. As you can probably tell by much of this blog, I love lists. Lists to remind me of things, lists to tell me what I need to get done, lists to organise my thoughts both in blogging and other aspects of my life.

List is a zine compiled of, surprisingly enough, lists and illustrations by Ramsey, and chronicles her move from Baltimore to Chicago. Her “Immediate To Do List for a New City” piece in particular struck me as brilliant, and something I’ll have to remember for next time I move whilst her lists of things she’ll miss and things she’s happy to leave about Baltimore are really interesting from the perspective of someone who’s never visited the city, as it gives a real insight into what her life was like there.

The guest and found lists add another dimension to the zine, and it’s amazing how much you can find yourself learning about and empathising with a person just by reading a short list of facts they wanted to share with you. “Top 10 Things Library Patrons Really Do” in particular is a great look into how people act in a particular setting.

Ramsey’s fabulous illustrations bring the whole zine together and really allow her sense of humour to shine through. I particularly liked her “A Day in the Life” comic strip and her adorable picture of her cat, Stella.

If you like lists, and are in the least bit curious about other peoples’ lives, I cannot recommend this zine enough. It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you say “wow, me too!” out loud, and it’s perfect for reading on the bus to work!


5 Responses to “Zine Review: List #12”

  1. Sounds interesting! I might have to check it out, though truthfully I don’t need anything else to fuel my list obsession…

  2. I liked this zine for all the same reasons you did. Lists are the best.

  3. Yay, I love zines too 🙂 I’ll have to check out the one you mentioned!!

  4. List one? What a great idea! I love lists too!!

  5. Ah zines.. I used to love them make them, still have boxes of them in my closet. Memories ❤

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