This week I will put one together, I promise! It’s the one blog “housekeeping” task I keep putting off and forgetting to do, but I owe several people links back, and there are so many great blogs I want to link to.

With that in mind, what are your three (or more!) favourite blogs or websites I probably haven’t read yet? This can include your own if you wish, though I make a point of visiting the homepage of all my commenters when I can. xx

4 Responses to “Blogroll”

  1. Sweet. 🙂

    All righty, so I ran down my blogroll and pulled out a handful I thought you might like.

    freefalling me
    – Poetry (hers and others’), indie films, her adventures around San Francisco, stories from her cool life – I love Odessa’s blog and the mood her posts put me in.

    Gretch-a-sketch Such a funny, clever, nice girl, that Gretchen.

    observationmode Name me another fashion blogger who will voluntarily give up shopping for a whole year. Even though my tastes are pretty different from hers, her posts are still interesting for me. Plus enc’s super nice.

    walking through mountains” My friend’s doing non-profit internship work in northern India for six months. I love her photos, stories and reflections from Over There.

  2. Ooh fabulous, thank you! These shall all be added to my daily reads!

  3. 3 amandalee

    Hey there! It’s been awhile. Here are my faves:

    Unclutterer. Uncluttered living, decor, productivity.

    SwissMiss. Graphic design, cool products, and typography.

    Jezebel. Feminism, fashion, and celebrities…no airbrushing allowed.

    Altamira. Street fashion in NYC.

    Also, my blog. If you want. 😀

  4. Don’t worry, yours is definitely going to be on there! 🙂

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