Love Yourself!


The wonderful Gem from Half Accidental made a post today (taken from flowersonfire, now added to my Google reader, yay, more blogs to read!) about the things she loves about herself.


“Write a little post about yourself. The amazing, beautiful things about you. The individual things about you. The real you. The one you sometimes hide to avoid embarrassment. The one who is in love with everything and doesn’t compare themselves to others. The one who laughs and lets go, who cries and holds on. Write a piece about yourself to make yourself and others fall in love with you all over again.”


Never one to let a bandwagon go by without jumping on, here’s a little of what’s great about me! I’d post a photo of myself here, but I have massive eye-bags right now and the light’s rubbish in here anyway!

Image by Swami Stream

Image by Swami Stream


I was christened Victoria, though I prefer Vicki, spelled with an “i” at the end because there were three Victorias in my class at school and none of them spelled it that way. It made it easier to identify books, etc. The nickname Vixel was given to me by a good friend because it sounded geeky, and indeed there is a brand of network switch called the Vixel, so she was proven right. It made a great name for forums, etc. so it sort of stuck.


I love my hair, I consider it as much of an accessory as anything I wear, or probably more so really since I tend to plan entire outfits around it. It’s ridiculously damaged and I molt all over the place, but there’s loads of it and the damage means it absorbs dye really well! I also have great legs, so although due to various reasons I’m not particularly keen on what’s in between, I feel particularly confident with freshly-dyed hair in a short skirt or skinny jeans.


I have a very low concentration span and thus, I often find myself doing two things at once so I get one of them finished. I’m writing this whilst watching TV and having a conversation with my housemates, if I’m alone I often have to stop every paragraph or so and do something else to clear my head. One of the few exceptions to this rule is when I am playing a video game I like, in which case I can while away many hours without realising it. I particularly enjoy the Age of Empires games.


I am also terribly reliant on technology! I bought a phone with WiFi and a full keyboard so that if I can’t get online at work (as the connection is utterly appalling there) I can still have access on my phone, and I have an unlimited data contract so that I can connect outside of WiFi zones too. I suffer from terrible discomgoogolation when our home broadband dies or is unusably slow, which it does so irritatingly regularly.


Now, the little things. I find it very difficult to resist correcting peoples’ English, though I try to stop myself when I know it’s due to a regional accent rather than laziness. I am addicted to cherry tomatoes, raw or fried with a bit of garlic and some Italian herbs, on toast. I carry far too much stuff around with me and never use any of it, but I find it very difficult to pare down the contents of my handbag because it all seems useful to me. I stop and talk to cats, even if it means I’m going to be late for work, because I can’t resist them and I really wish my house contract would allow me to get two (so they have company when we’re all at work). I have a small collection of Beanie Babies that sit on my bookshelf and I recently inherited a Pilchard (from Bob The Builder) cat toy from an 8 year-old who had grown out of the show but thought I’d like the cat.


I’ve never had my ears pierced because I’ve always worn my hair long, so i never cost-justified it to myself. I’m considering getting them pierced shortly however, as I really want a pair of Vivienne Westwood mini orbs. I always want a tattoo, but the design is always changing and I think I’m a bit too fickle to ever go through with it – when I can’t settle on the same design for more than a couple of months, getting something that permanent done is probably not a good idea!


When I’m on the phone I either look in the mirror or lie on my bed with my legs up against the wall. I can sleep on any form of public transport and after a 24-hour trip to Berlin without sleeping, managed to sleep through a plane landing. I was terribly proud of myself when, on the way back from Ireland this year, I overcame one of my biggest irrational fears and actually used the toilet on the plane. Other irrational fears I have a spiders, moths and needles. The spiders one is getting better, I can now trap them under a glass unless they’re absolutely huge, and my fear of needles is a bit odd, it’s not the needle I’m scared of per-sé, but the fact that someone else is wielding it near me. If I could give myself a ‘flu jab every year I’d be fine about it! (as it is I have to ask the nurse not to warn me when she does it. If I look away and she just gets on with it, I don’t have the chance to flinch away!)


I consider myself quite a good cook. I do a great roast dinner, and I love experimenting with food, which is probably evident from some of my previous posts. My favourite evenings out involve delicious food and great conversation rather than lots of drinking and big, loud crowds, however I also love certain club nights including Rockabaret, which I’m attending next weekend, which really appeals to my love of dressing up! Often though, I really enjoy a cosy night in on my own with a good book, movie, or TV series and my laptop.


This has turned into somewhat of an essay so I shall leave it at that, obviously I have more ego than I thought I did! It’s been great getting to know more about my favourite bloggers by reading their versions of this challenge, so please, if you decide to do it too, let me know! Writing this has certainly cheered me up on a miserable, rainy evening! xx


11 Responses to “Love Yourself!”

  1. “never one to let a bandwagon go by without jumping on ..” Love it, you clever girl. Totally filing that one away for future use!

  2. Thanks for sharing… I’m sitting here dreaming of a roast dinner, perchance it be roast pork, cracklin, apple sauce, roast spuds and sprouts. Gravy, mustn’t forget the gravy…

  3. great post Vicki! I have a fear of needles too, but only injections and blood tests – I’m fine with tattoo & piercing needles. Weird hey.

  4. Great post Vicki. Love learning more about you. I am with you on the tattoo. Too fickle to pick just one thing. I would probably change me mind the day after I got one.

  5. Haha I’m so with you on the low attention span! Great post, I love finding out people’s quirks!

  6. Ha! I am the exact same way about tattoos and airplane toilets! How funny. 🙂

  7. LOL. That was a great read Vixel… I’m the same with the have to do more then one thing at a time… Otherwise when I try to focus on just one thing it ends up taking me forever! I should tell you you accidentally copied and pasted Gem’s words twice underneath the Victoria spelt Vicki with an i part… Just thought u’d wanna know… Mmmmm roast dinner… yummo! Good old English roast dinner who can say know to that! I’m not scared of needles or getting blood tests or anything like that but my partner is and tmrw he is scheduled for one! Eek!! I’ll be there though 😉

  8. @ thepomegranateblog – thank you for letting me know, swiftly edited!

    @ Chrissy – wow, I’ve never met anyone else who has the aeroplane toilets fear! I feel less weird now! 🙂

  9. Great post. We all need to remind ourselves how good we are. When we think of gratitude we can’t leave ourselves out of it. We must love ourselves first in order to share it with others.

  10. All of this optimism is wonderful, dear!

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