Things I Love Thursday!


Only today and tomorrow left until the weekend, and although I’ve missed two days of work this week due to illness, I honestly can’t wait! I don’t have anything planned aside from a good long lie-in, a few good movies and perhaps a little bit of work in-between!

Despite the illness however, there’s been plenty this week to make things sparkle!

* Obama – Lets start with the obvious shall we? I think this week’s US election result will feature in most TiLT lists today! The whole world appears to have been captivated this time around, and everyone I’ve spoken to has been thrilled to bits with the result! Thank you America, you made the right choice and those of us who could not vote due to our non-US citizenship are truly grateful!

* Birthdays Again –  The other half loved his present and the meal I cooked him, even though we didn’t quite manage the dessert. That makes me sound like quite the 50s housewife, but I know he’ll do the same for me on my birthday!

* Fireworks! – Although it was November 5th yesterday, and most of the big firework displays aren’t until the weekend, lots of the neighbours have been firing off their own rockets in their gardens for a few days now and, as many have said before me, “I love the smell of cordite in the morning!”.

*  Proper lighting – Never underestimate how much more comfortable sitting at a desk becomes once you have a proper desk lamp. Suddenly my eyelids aren’t dropping quite as fast!

* Inspiration – It has come from many different places this week, including blogs, magazine articles, people I’ve seen on the street and just life in general! I have a moleskine that’s rapidly filling up with scribbled notes that will become articles as soon as I have the chance to sit down and sort through them!

* My Inner Child – Be it getting terribly competitive with my housemate over a demo of “Beautiful Katamari” or idly braiding my hair and eating lollipops at work, sometimes embracing ones inner child can be a great thing.

* Planning outfits – I have a formal concert followed by a French-themed club night coming up in the next few weeks, both on the same night. Much planning is therefore required to find an outfit smart enough for the former that fits in with the theme and general ambiance of the latter!

* Zines – With the delivery of one fabulous zine this week, and the purchase of another, I am gathering inspirational reading material, and reviews will almost certainly follow.

* Learning Peculiar and Interesting Facts – I love it when I read something that strikes me as interesting and / or odd.  One day I’ll do a post containing unusual facts I thought were fascinating when I read them in an article or Wikipedia entry.

I hope the rest of your week is good and that you have a fabulous and amazing weekend!


17 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday!”

  1. I’m so glad Obama won! I actually forgot to put that on my TiLT list :S

  2. I love peculiar facts – especially when you get the chance to whip them out in common conversation and look like a total guru!

  3. You’ve redesigned havn’t you? Please forgive me if I’ve got it all wrong again, I’ve been getting my blogs quite mixed up this week. Anyway, I like it :]

    And…Yay Obama. Losing count how many times I’ve said and written that over the last 24 hours! 😀

  4. Yay Obama! He’s so inspirational… Yes we can! LOL… Crazy how one person has got the whole world as emotional as the US of A.. Thank God they made the right choice!

  5. oh yeah obama! america did good. i went to see some fireworks last night – so so pretty… love it!

  6. fireworks for what exactly?? are you having a holiday?

  7. @ Ms Constantine – nup, no redesign, I was going to but this one’s starting to grow on me, at least until I learn how to be a better coder!

    @ Mermaid – November the 5th is a big thing in the UK, lots of fireworks and bonfires to celebrate Guy Fawkes not blowing up Parliament, though it has also become a celebration of V for Vendetta 😀

  8. lol ….. I can’t WAIT for the weekend….Tomorrow’s Friday at least, yay .

    * I cut my split ends at work while no one is looking and eat massive amounts of peanut m&m’s …lol

    glad you’re feeling better.

    Yay Obama!

  9. And, Mermaid, in other parts of the world. NZ was colonised by the British though, so that’s why we “celebrate” it here.

  10. Wow… I have to edit my list now… How could I have forgotten Obama? Seriously, I’ve been getting into Facebook status arguments for the past 2 days and I forgot to list him on my TILT?! Great list 🙂

  11. It’s illegal in the city of Chicago to shoot off fireworks, even on the 4th of July (which is the biggest American fireworks celebration), so while I really wanted to shoot some off yesterday (we studied Guy Fawkes in school and celebrated every year), it just was impossible.

    I, too, am eagerly awaiting the weekend.

  12. Glad you like reading about weird stuff. Was ROFL last weekend when reading “The most useless books in the World” list, hence my last post. Here’s another to keep you grinning 🙂

  13. hope you get better soon!
    Go Obama – was so happy when I heard 🙂
    Celebrating your inner child is such a great thing – something I must do more!
    Enjoy the fireworks and your weekend xxx

  14. Hi! Sorry for writing this here (it doesn’t have to do with the post) but I wanted to let you know that I read about you on Mademoiselle Robot and how you want to start a scoliosis -related blog, and I just think it’s wonderful. I had scoliosis pretty bad as a kid. I had surgery so I don’t really deal with it any more, but in high school it was bad and I wore a big old back brace and stuff, so I know how hard it can be. Anyway, if you need any help when you start up the blog just let me know. I’d love to do a guest post or something. I just think a style blog for scoliosis sufferers is the best idea ever. 🙂

  15. You seem to overcome your illness and managed to get a few things done. What a great example of positivity and enjoying life.

  16. @ Werther – haha! that’s awesome!

    @ Rhiannon – That blog’s getting planned this weekend, and I’ll definitely need contributors, the more the merrier! It’s a little too niche a subject to do on my own without turning it into another “daily outfit” blog when I run out of things to write about, not that there’s anything wrong with those blogs, but it’s not the purpose of this one. Your blog’s great by the way, I’ve added it to my Google reader. I’ll send you a message when the Scoliosis blog is ready for contributions!

  17. I am so happy to see that some many non-USA people are happy about Obama. As someone who lives in the US (California), i am ecstatic that he won.

    Yay for embracing your inner child. I do that when I eat cupcakes.

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