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Sparkle Roundup


Home Sparkle * Rockett St George is a UK website specialising in beautiful and unusual homewares, and I’m completely in love with everything on it, particularly the Clear Illusion Table, and the amazing but expensive hand-printed wallpapers! Work Sparkle * Neon Sugar‘s post on Freelance Writing and Republishing Your Blog Articles is useful to those […]

This weekend I intend to find a more colourful template for this blog and work on some custom bullet points. At the moment however, asterixes will have to do! * Fascinating Conversations over Delicious Meals On Saturday night, I went out for a meal with people off my course (see: Distance Learning) at the Mount […]

Little Flutters, a blog I only recently discovered, featured a post entitled Is Coupledom Cute or Over-Share?, regarding the habit many couples have of sharing each-others flaws, annoying traits, etc. with their friends. This led me to think about some of the couples I know, and how differently I seem to feel about my own […]

I find few things more satisfying than learning. I think that’s part of the reason I enjoy writing and reading blogs, there’s always something new to read and / or research. After changing university course however, further full-time study wasn’t really an option, so for the sake of my finances I am enrolled on the […]

Sparkle Roundup


Source: (2008)     Home Sparkle This New York Times article showcases some utterly fabulous ways in which students have decorated their living spaces on the cheap. I particularly like the diagonal bookshelves and the amazing loft bed. Work Sparkle This would fit into the Life Sparkle category too, but Queen Gilda‘s post on […]



I’ve always loved language but never considered myself any good at learning foreign ones. Now, as a part-time student with a full-time job, my schedule is far too hectic to take on a language as well, as much as I’d love to brush up on my French, abandoned after my GCSEs over 8 years ago. […]

Freshly-Dyed Hair It’s such a confidence boost getting rid of the roots and having bright, shiny hair again! Vitamins A couple of months in I’m really feeling the difference a daily dose of vitamin supplements is making. I know a lot of people think they’re just a placebo, but I’m convinced they’re doing me the […]