Things I Love Thursday


My fourth TiLT, my baby blog is growing up! What started off as a small distraction from my work has definitely become a labour of love! Stay tuned for longer, better articles, and new regular features soon!

The delights of this week are as follows:

* Your wonderful comments! To everyone who has commented and added their words of encouragement, thank you so much, you have truly made my week! I’ve also been introduced to some great new blogs, which have definitely kept me sane at work!

* Culinary Adventures As well as a really tasty curry and various other meals this week, the other day I baked a batch of cupcakes and although the icing didn’t work too well (I sort of… improvised, and it didn’t set at all) they were so delicious I couldn’t resist photographing them! Silver balls are my favourite cake decoration, and they also have white chocolate pieces on the top!

Excuse my messy desk!

Excuse my messy desk!

* Birthdays! Today is my boyfriend’s birthday, and we’re celebrating with yet more delicious food and wine. I love giving gifts, so I enjoy other peoples’ birthdays almost as much as my own!

* Geeking Out! I am in the process of finding key applications that will allow me to update this blog from anywhere, easily, via my phone. I have a Nokia e90 and have come to realise that there’s no point in having what a few friends have described as my “ultimate yuppie device” without using it to it’s full potential. I have also spent several evenings sitting with my back to the radiator in the living room, laptop in hand.

* Fake “Pashminas” The cheap acrylic ones that seem to be for sale at every market stall in the country at the moment! Warm, versatile, and so easy on the wallet that I need to get one in every colour! I am currently wearing a forest green one, with a purple sweater which I’m sure some will argue is a terrible combination, but I think it looks ok! (and I was in a hurry this morning)

* Keeping my Spending Under Control I’m doing really well at the moment! I’m a big retail therapist and impulse-buyer, which often leads to a very empty bank account, but for the last few weeks I seem to have managed to control my spending really well, and my bank account is looking relatively healthy despite many expenses this month!

* Spooks Season 7 I keep going on about this, but it’s finally started and so far it’s amazing!

* Making Plans for This Blog Never underestimate the benefit of a creative outlet, planning future articles and content is keeping me so happy at the moment! I’m currently weighing up the benefits of buying a domain, recommendations would be welcome!

How has your week been so far? What has brightened it up for you?

15 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday”

  1. (–>r underestimate the benefit of a creative outlet, planning future articles and content is keeping me so happy at the moment! I’m currently weighing up the benefits of buying a domain, recommendations would be welcome! <—)

    I totally agree with this… I just restarted my Blog in the last couple of days and just thinking about what to write and writing my first little rant was very ummm soothing?? needless to say… I now have a new respect for blogging in all forms… and have you tried or .net… or

  2. i made curry for dinner last night! SO GOOD.

  3. Oh, I thought the cupcakes were little custard pies at first. They’re cute!

  4. Are those silver balls edible? They’re so pretty! Happy birthday to your boyfriend! And I’m glad to see your little blog doing well. 🙂

  5. I love those ‘pashminas’ too! I got 2 last year for about £1 each…total bargain… still wear them, still keeping me warm! & your cupcakes are cute!!

  6. What pretty cupcakes! I love those silver nonpareils too. I used to make my mum buy them presumably to put on a cake, and then wait until she wasn’t looking and eat the whole container by themselves. 😀

  7. Psst. . .

    If you’re in the market for a domain, I recommend for domains and hosting. I don’t work for them, I swear. . . I’ve just bought like 13 domains from them in the past year, and they’re really, really good with customer service. Never once have I had someone from tech support make me feel like an idiot when I called them, which is kind of a big thing for me. 😉

  8. I’m looking forward to more articles and features! You must be pleased with how well your blog is going.

  9. what has brightened my day…. well, I’m going to go get multicolored hair tomorrow, in honor of halloween… YAY!

    I’ll be day-glo girl hehe.

  10. I kind of really like how the icing and silver balls melt into the cupcakes. Mm, hungry now . . .

  11. Wow… Your blog is coming along nicely! I love getting comments too. I haven’t finished my TILT list for today… maybe I have, it’s up in the air depending on how the rest of the day goes. It seems like yesterday I had this great list in my head and now I can’t remember it. But it’s been a rough week with the death of one of my friends/role models… hard to focus on the things that make me happy. Thanks for commenting on my stuff… you rock.

  12. Discovered the fun in mobile blogging. Anytime, anywhere 🙂
    Now, to find out how I can incorporate photos!

  13. Thank you, all of you! ❤

  14. What cute cupcakes! I haven’t made any at ALL this year (which is kind of sad as I was obsessed last year), i think I switched my obsession to cookies,as my cupcakes and icing just never seemed to work! hahaha
    and I agree with Amanda Lee – I’ve bought soooo many domain names from, i just need to learn how to direct the domain to my blog… 🙂
    Well done with keeping your spending down – this week i’ve had sooo many bills due, but i’ve gone a bit spending mad! Not so smart! lol

  15. Great TILT! Those cupcakes look yummy. I am a cupcake addict.

    Have fun geeking out with your phone. If you have one with so many options, use it to it’s fullest potential. I have an iPhone and I live on that thing… if I am not on my macbook. 😀

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