Pure Positivity

Image by *Payslmaginaire*

Image by *Payslmaginaire*

Gem, from Half Accidental, who I’m sure it wasn’t hard to guess is becoming one of my favourite bloggers, today posted a really inspiring piece asking her readers to Focus on the Positives. I would encourage everyone to read this post, particularly if you need reminding from time to time just how brilliant and talented you are. She encourages readers to write a list of all the things we’re good at, which I have chosen to do here. If you decide to write one too, please comment with a link so I can see it!

* I learn quickly, and find it relatively easy to grasp and understand new concepts.

* I’m always full of creative ideas.

* I can write, and I enjoy doing so.

* I enjoy cooking and I think I’m pretty good at it, even if presentation isn’t quite my key skill (so everything ends up looking like a car crash but tasting great)!

* I’m one of those annoying people who truly believes that if I put my mind to something they can achieve anything.

* I can be completely self-sufficient and independent when I need to be, without being overwhelmed.

* I speak well, something I think is much under-valued these days. (I sound like such an old woman sometimes!)

* I’m generous to a fault and cannot stand to see anyone suffering, even if they’re someone I don’t know / don’t like all that much, I’ll help if I’m at all able.

* If I have a problem I can’t “fix” I’m pretty good at devising a way to cope with it and making it work.

* Despite being a bit of a… challenging, shall we say, shape, I get regular compliments on my outfit choices, so I must be doing something right there!

* I have great legs, fact.

So, tell me what’s great about you and spread the word, everyone needs a little positivity on a cold Monday morning!

9 Responses to “Pure Positivity”

  1. great list Vicki! I have another point to add: you have gorgeous hair. a bit of a shallow comment i know, but compliments don’t hurt 😀

  2. Cool list Vixel… I feel too shy to write one though! LOL… I’ll go check out Gem’s post now 😉

  3. @Gem, thank you! 🙂

  4. Yay, what a cool post. It is sometimes so helpful to look at the positives in life – the negatives can become so prevalent if we let them.

  5. We all need to remind ourselves just how great we are. A little uplifting every morning can always help and start the day out wonderfully.

  6. 6 Em

    Well done on the legs 😀 That’s always something cool to have. Great list, I’m another big Gem fan. I’ll have to write a list of my own too!

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  8. Hi Miss Vicki 🙂 Gonna sound like a bit of a dumb question, but how do you get that tag cloud? And do the words get bigger the more times you use them as tags for your blog? Thanks xx

  9. that Gem is a lovely one. what a great idea. I think I also speak too well – I’m often mistaken for being british! (not that that’s a bad thing).

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