Things I Love Thursday


This weekend I intend to find a more colourful template for this blog and work on some custom bullet points. At the moment however, asterixes will have to do!

* Fascinating Conversations over Delicious Meals On Saturday night, I went out for a meal with people off my course (see: Distance Learning) at the Mount Fuji restaurant at the Bull Ring in Birmingham. The food was delicious, we all started with miso soup, then proceeded to order loads of different side-orders. I had tuna, scallop and prawn nigiri (4 pieces of each) fried chicken and deep fried tofu, washed down with Asahi Black beer. I was too stuffed for the green tea ice cream but it was all delicious and it was quite amusing introducing someone to the amazing-ness that is marble-sealed soft drinks! (Ramune). We chatted about everything from religion (one member of our party lives in a Buddhist commune) to our heritage, the course and how to describe the taste of a green tea latte! Next time we’re planning on Morroccan!

* Organising my life! There’s something really satisfying about how it’s all coming together, I have a plan for each day, and sticking to it is allowing me so much more free time that I’m not spending procrastinating!

* Hot Chocolate Pretty much my life force during the winter months, milky to get me to sleep at night, low-fat instant stuff to keep me going at work and counter the chocolate cravings in a healthy way, it’s just great!

* Anticipation I’m looking forward to lots of things at the moment! From events such as Halloween parties, birthdays and shopping trips, to the trivial, such as the start of Spooks Series 7 (Or MI-5 to those in the ‘States) on Monday, and evenings in watching movies. Having something to look forward to makes boring days at work a little easier to bear!

* The Blogosphere There are some pretty amazing people around here! When I get round to compiling my blogroll I’ll be able to give a nod to some of them 🙂

* Reminder Alarms and Scrawls on Post-It Notes The saviours of my life at the moment, I’d probably forget to eat without them!

* The Wig For My Halloween Costume It arrived yesterday and it’s totally amazing!

* Forcing Myself to Get Up Early It’s like there’s a whole new useful part of the day I’ve just discovered! Skipping breakfast at home in favour of a small snack when I wake followed by something bigger at my desk is great too, since by the time I get to work I actually want to eat, as opposed to doing so for the sake of it.

It’s Friday tomorrow! What are you celebrating this week?


11 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday”

  1. I actually quite like the asteriches! I have no idea how that’s supposed to be spelled, btw 😀

  2. Hey there! I actually do my TiLTs on Monday. I found it useful to start my week with gratitude and glee. 😀 Here’s my link for this week:

    I definitely feel you on the hot chocolate! Every winter I used to make a huge batch of hot chocolate mix from cocoa, evaporated milk, and tons of sugar, and it replaced both coffee and tea in my diet! It’s on my to-do list for the weekend.

    And getting up early! YES! I don’t have any idea how I did this, but I somehow trained my dog to want to walk at around seven-fifteen every morning. . . so if I’m late getting up, he sticks his wet nose in my face. And there’s no snooze button on him. 🙂

  3. I definitely need to start waking up earlier. I know it’s good for me, but when it’s cold and dark it’s so hard! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I love TILT… It makes me collect up all of the things that I have to be happy for and keep them in my mind for the entire week which of course means I stay happy all week b/c i keep thinking about the good times. I’m jealous of the conversation over the meal thing… I’m long overdue for one of those and now I am going to be longing for it.

  5. I would have to agree with all of those things (…except for the wig). I’ve also been exploring the blogosphere and discovering some interesting new blogs – like Sparkle and Glitter 🙂

  6. I definitely find myself being more positive during the week, as I actually look for things I can post!

  7. “Organizing my life” – love that one! It feels so good to get things under control. Have a great week, cupcake! 🙂

  8. “Organizing my life” – ditto!!

  9. Love hot chocolate too, no matter how warm it is outside!! And organising my life, although i really should get on to that!!

  10. I heart miso soup. For a while, I would add rice to it and have it as a hearty breakfast. Yum!

    I posted my TILT on my journal and hey, we both use the same image to link to Gala.

    Happy Friday!

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