Sparkle Roundup


The weekly Sparkle Roundup features posts, articles and miscellany from around the Web.

Home Sparkle

  • Fabulous designer and artist Nubby Twiglet’s The Art of Closet Organisation has proved very useful to me in the past couple of weeks as I’ve finally been sorting out my house properly – only three months after moving in! (I love her merchendise too, I already have two t-shirts and a bag)

Work Sparkle

  • Très Lola writes an entertaining and informative list of Top Tips To Get You Through the Commute. Some of these I do already, such as dreaming up my next blog post, and I’m definitely going to try the rest!

Style Sparkle

  • Doe Deere Blogazine’s Curling Your Hair: A Tutorial is an excellently-explained resource and I hope to try out her instructions tomorrow night!

Life Sparkle

  • Gem from Half Accidental ‘s insightful post entitled Show Your True Colours describes her feelings regarding being true to herself, and how uninteresting people prove to be when they are attracted to looks alone.

Fun Sparkle

  • Mugenkyo are an amazing group of Taiko drummers based in Scotland and currently touring the UK. I was lucky enough to catch their show last night at Loughborough Town Hall and once again (I’ve seen them twice previously) they blew me away with their sheer power and energy. Catch them in a town near you soon, or watch the video below!

Vixel xx


4 Responses to “Sparkle Roundup”

  1. Thanks for featuring my tutorial, darling! It’s good to know it wasn’t written in vane! 🙂

    Doe Deere

  2. aw, thanks for featuring me! i feel special now 😀

  3. hey love! thank you so much for the write up 🙂 much appreciated… ❤

  4. Katie @ Très Lola has the best posts and advice. Doe Deere is pretty fierce!

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