Things I Love Thursday


Aah some content at last! 

One of my favourite bloggers, the fabulous Gala Darling posts a regular Things I Love Thursday feature which brightens up my week, so it is quite fitting that the first post on this blog would be my contribution to the TiLT phenomenon that’s sweeping the blogosphere!

This week I Love:

Planning My Halloween Outfit I know it’s a little early but I’ve been invited to a party and I adore dressing up! My costume plans are a secret at the moment but there will be photos!

Hazelnut Coffee It deserves it’s own mention as it is currently doing a fine job of getting me through the working week! A colleague buys delicious flavoured fresh coffees from the market and shares them with the rest of us. Hazelnut, Maple and Walnut and Death by Chocolate are the firm favourites so far.

Learning I really love my course! The Graduate Diploma in Law is the most fascinating thing I have ever studied and so far I’m enjoying every moment of it. This course makes me want to go home and study, plus my work group are some of the most interesting people I have ever met. I’m looking forward to the next study weekend when I get to see them again.

Starting This Blog It has been a long time in the planning stages but finally this blog has gone “live”. I’m hoping it will eventually be a platform for me to meet amazing people from all over the world but at the very least I know it’s going to be a project I enjoy thoroughly and it will help me to hone my writing skills.

My EeePC I recently purchased an EeePC 1000H in glossy black and I adore it! Initially purchased for my study weekends, so I don’t have to carry a heavier laptop on public transport or book expensive hotels that have computers in the bedrooms, it has become my lifeline when I want to escape my desk and work in the living room, or write from my bed. It took a bit of getting used to (the right hand shift key is in a slightly strange place and I kept hitting the upwards arrow key by mistake for a while) but now I can’t imagine how I managed without it!

Soup Autumn is definitely here and with the cold weather comes home-made soup season! I made a delicious potato and leek soup a few nights ago that was really a whole meal in itself, and today for lunch I have curried pumpkin and sweet potato soup I can’t wait to heat up and enjoy in approximately 25 minutes.

Great Blogs The blogs currently on my Google feed have been such an inspiration to me whilst working on setting this one up, and I am always looking for more to read!

What do you love today? What has given your week a little sparkle?


6 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday”

  1. 1 Gem

    Hi Vicki, congrats on starting your blog! My TILT list is here:

  2. You’re the cutest! xxx

  3. 3 sparkleandglitter

    Yays, thank you! xxx

  4. Ooh potato & leek soup! Yummm…

  5. Gala’s blog is a must daily read for me. I started doing TILT’s not too long ago and I find that throughout the week I will make a mental note of something that is worth writing about in that post. Can you give a hint for your Halloween costume?

    Congrats on getting your blog up & running. I find it that you are able to get to know people and have these cool friendships online. Look forward to reading more.

  6. Thanks 🙂 I know it sounds like a bigh cliché, but part of the reason I’m doing this is that the blogging community seems so great at the moment that I wanted to contribute to it, as opposed to just being a reader / commenter 🙂

    Aaah the Halloween costume, well, I did buy the wig today, but I’m not really tall or thin enough to be totally convincing…

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